BraveMenDieHard posted Jul 31, 12
1. Q: How do I rank up in N4CR?
    A: There are a few ways to rank up in TeamN4CR. The most efficent of them are recruiting solid players, showing up to practices, and participating in the Clan Wars.

2. Q: When are Practices?
    A: Practices are Monday and Thursday at 8:00 PM EST.

3. Q: How do we get invited to practice?
    A: You will receive an invite anywhere between 7:45 and 8:00 PM EST from the Practice Officer or whoever is running the practice that evening.

4. Q: What is Practice?
    A: Practice is a time where the team gathers and learns new game styles, class setups, and strategy to make sure our players are the best. Make sure when you are at practice you have an attitude for learning and you are constantly communicating with call-outs while in game.

5. Q: Who do I contact if i have any problems or questions?
    A: If you have any questions, primarily ask the individual that recruited you, but if they are unavailable you can contact any of the officers. If you do not know who they are, they can be found on the N4CR RANKS page.

6. Q:Do I have to add every N4CR to my friends list?
    A:No need to add every N4CR to your friends list, the TEAMN4CR silvertag that you added has every member of N4CR on it and you can invite all N4CRs.